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School reports cards are out: How did your school do?

It’s that day that “A” students look forward to and one that those living on the edge of failure dread.

The state Department of Education released what represents report cards   on Thursday that provide a wealth of information about how individual school buildings and districts as a whole measure up.

Along with such information as attendance rates, graduation rates and demographic data, the School Performance Profiles, as these report cards are called, include an academic performance score for individual school buildings.

State Education Secretary Pedro Rivera urges caution about those scores. He said they rely heavily on standardized test scores, which reflect a snapshot of student achievement. He said the department, at the direction of Gov. Tom Wolf, is exploring ways to make the scores a more holistic measure.

The department didn’t issue academic performance scores for elementary and middle schools last year because the state was transitioning to the latest version of the state exams administered in grades three to eight that are more closely aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards. But scores were issued for high schools.

This is the fourth year that the state has used this format to provide the public with information to measure the value they are receiving from the billions of dollars invested in Pennsylvania public schools.

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