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Sandhills dams near failure, Fayetteville calls for curfew


Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson plans to call for a curfew because of the number of people emergency workers have had to rescue from flooded vehicles as Hurricane Matthew dumps heavy rain on the city.

The situation in Fayetteville is deteriorating rapidly, the Greenock Avenue Dam in the Arran Lakes area is overtopping and officials are warning that the probability of it failing is high. People in the area are encouraged to evacuate to a shelter set up at South View High School.

Evacuations are also underway in nearby Hoke County for two dams near failure and officials are monitoring dams in More and Bladen counties as well.

National Weather Service has declared a Flash Flood Emergency in Cumberland County through 5:30 p.m. Saturday as water rescues continue.

The City of Fayetteville called the situation “critical and life threatening.” Residents are advised to stay off the roads and shelter in place.

Emergency responders are also headed to more roads and neighborhoods that are becoming flooded. Crews have reported 42 water rescues. There are 23 residents in shelters.

Because of the storm and the number of calls for service, residents are asked to only call 911 for emergencies. Emergency responders are currently only responding to emergencies.

Much of the Sandhills is already water-logged from serious flooding a week ago, and now the area is anticipating another 5 to 9 inches of drenching rain courtesy of Hurricane Matthew.

The city of Fayetteville has asked businesses to close early and send workers home.


Officials are telling people to never drive through water if it’s over the road.

Public Works Commission reports they have about 1,500 customers without electric service. The majority of the customers out are in the Shenandoah Dr., Bear Creek, Pepperbush Lane, South Bingham Drive locations.

ABC11 will update this developing story throughout the day.

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