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Rudy's Daughter Is With Hillary

While refusing to discuss her father’s high-profile support for her Republican opponent, Caroline Guiliani told Politico in a recent interview that she is a solid supporter of Hillary Clinton and will vote for Clinton for President in November.

“He knows,” she said, referring to her father, the former mayor of New York, he thinks “I have a right to my own opinion.” She also supported Barack Obama in 2012.

Her support for Hillary may explain her father’s over the top, fact-free attacks on Hillary. He is known for twists of logic (ex: Hillary was mean to women Bill cheated with) that defy common sense.

At least, we know his sad attempts are not the result of congenital mental defects; his daughter has not inherited the flights from reality that seem to empower her daddy. That’s good news! With clear thinking, she has made a solid choice: she’s with Hillary! She’s even painted an image of Hillary on her nails!

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