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Robbers target Northwestern students near CTA station in Evanston

One Northwestern University students was robbed and another was the victim of an attempted robbery on a CTA train early Friday in north suburban Evanston.

The first robbery occurred just after midnight on a northbound CTA Purple Line train near Main Street, according to Evanston Police. The 21-year-old student was on a train with five other passengers when a male suspect walked over, and demanded his wallet and cellphone.

The student refused and a second male suspect demanded $20, which he also refused to hand over. The student got off at the Noyes Street station, followed by the two suspects who ran away eastbound, police said.

The second incident occurred shortly afterwards near the corner of Sheridan Road and Noyes Street, police said. Another 21-year-old Northwestern University student was talking on his cellphone when three male suspects walked up and asked to use his phone.

When he refused, one suspect took his phone and wallet, with $20 and a debit card, and demanded he make a withdrawal from his account. The student walked with the three and took $400 out at the ATM near the CTA Noyes Street station. They returned his phone and wallet, then walked to the station platform.

The suspects are described as being black males, between 16 and 19 and between 5-foot-7 and 6-foot. All were wearing hooded sweatshirts—a white one, a grey one and a blue one. One was wearing headphones, according to police.

Anyone with information should call Evanston police at (847) 866-5000.

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