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RNC Declares Mike Pence Winner Of VP Debate Before It Even Starts

This is how cynical Republicans are. Forget facts, forget what really happened. Just write the outcome up and post it on the Internet regardless of what might actually happen. And then, for good measure, be sure to publish it ahead of the actual debate.

Along with the screen shot above, here’s the rest of their now-unpublished post.

Yep, see that! Pence hit Tim Kaine hard on Hillary’s scandals and the economy, BEFORE HE TOOK THE STAGE.

That’s some magic voodoo right there.

What that basically tells everyone is that reality doesn’t matter. It only matters how Republicans spin reality. They can write it all up in advance, because they will spin whatever happens in that direction.

Good job there, RNC. At least if the measure of a good job is being as completely cynical and calculating as is possible.

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