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Reports: Big 12 staying at 10 members

Big 12 presidents have decided not to expand the league and stay with a 10-member conference, Sports Illustrated and HornsDigest.com reported Monday.

The conference has scheduled an announcement for 5:30 p.m. Monday.

In July, Big 12 presidents asked Commissioner Bob Bowlsby to evaluate the interest of schools that have contacted the league about joining. BYU, Connecticut, Memphis, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Central Florida, South Florida and Houston were among those under consideration.

But on Sept. 14, Oklahoma President David Boren, chairman of the Big 12 board of directors, acknowledged at a regents meeting that league expansion was “not a given” despite all the time, money and energy invested on the topic in recent weeks.

On Saturday, Sports Illustrated reported that TV executives at Fox and ESPN were discussing the possibility of paying the Big 12 not to expand. The networks seek to offer a fee in exchange for closing a loophole in the existing TV contracts that enables the Big 12 to earn nearly $25 million annually for each member it adds.

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