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Reporter Arrested For Requesting Admission To Houston Trump Event

The Trump campaign continues to build a bigger wall between its events and the press, today with the arrest of a Vice reporter, Alex Thompson, who hadn’t even gained access to the event.

Vice reports that Thompson had reached out to the campaign earlier this week to request access to the event. The Trump campaign told them the request was “pending” and provided no update afterwards. So, Thompson went to the event, being held at the Houston Omni Westside Hotel and merely asked the a campaign member from the communications staff whether he had been approved to attend and report on the event.

Mere moments later, a man who identified himself as the hotel manager directed Thompson to leave and threatened arrest. Not 2 minutes later, Houston police swarmed, handcuffed and arrested Thompson. Vice reports that “at roughly 1:30 PM EST [Thompson] has been charged with trespassing. He is currently being held at Houston Central Jail.”

Vice tweeted this out:

Jesse Berney made an observation that many of us in the media/blogging world did as well:

And this, clearly

For what it’s worth, the Trump campaign denies any involvement. Sure.

Trump blacklists entire media outlets, won’t let them travel with him, mocks them for being stranded on the airplane and bashes them relentlessly and for no reason. To deny that they had anything to do with Thompson’s arrest is suspect.

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