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Reata owner struck by vehicle in downtown Fort Worth

The owner of the Reata restaurant in downtown Fort Worth was hospitalized Monday when he was struck by a vehicle just blocks from the restaurant.

Mike Micallef posted on Facebook on Monday that in the morning, he was walking with co-workers Monday morning near the intersection of Throckmorton and Sixth streets when a car driving the wrong way struck an SUV, pushing the SUV into the group of people.

The SUV struck some of the pedestrians, and Micallef landed on his head and back, crushing a vertebra and fracturing his skull, he wrote on Facebook.

Fort Worth police confirmed the wreck happened about 9:30 a.m., and while some pedestrians were hit, only one, apparently Micallef, was hospitalized.

“I was told that I pushed some people out of the way but to be honest, I can’t remember a thing,” he wrote, adding that he was in the hospital Monday night and unsure how long he would be there.

The wrong-way driver was issued citations, according to police.

Reata celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Its original location, on the 35th floor of what was then the Bank One Tower, was ravaged by a tornado that struck downtown Fort Worth in 2000. After fighting to stay in the tower space, Reata had to leave the space in 2001, and reopened in May 2002 in the former Caravan of Dreams space on Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth. Micaleff took over operations from his father, Reata founder Al Micallef, in the early part of this century.

As of 10 p.m. Monday, there were nearly 850 well-wishing comments on Micallef’s Facebook post, many of them from Fort Worth chefs and others in the Fort Worth food community.

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