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Ranked choice voting topic at Norway

NORWAY — The Norway Memorial Library will host an informational program on ranked choice voting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22.

According to the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting, the method allows voters to rank candidates in multi-candidate races in order of preference. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the total vote, “the candidate with the fewest first choices is eliminated and voters who liked that candidate the best have their ballots instantly counted for their second choice. This process repeats and last-place candidates lose until one candidate reaches a majority and wins.

Finn Melanson from the League of Women Voters of Maine’s Education Fund will lead the program.

On Nov. 8, Mainers will vote on a number of referendum questions, including Question 5, which asks whether to keep the current voting system of electing the candidate who receives the most votes in a single round of voting or replace it with ranked choice voting starting in 2018.

Melanson said the presentation will explain how ranked choice voting works, how it compares to the current system, where it is used across the state, country and world, and how voters have responded to its implementation.

For more information, contact Melanson at finn@lwvme.org or 207-420-0469, or the Norway Memorial Library at 207-743-5309.


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