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Rangers hope Joey Gallo keeps improving in winter ball

Rangers top prospect Joey Gallo will soon depart for his first stint in winter ball in Venezuela where he’ll primarily play first base. He’ll play for Magellenes for the first half only, general manager Jon Daniels said. In limited major league time in 2016, Gallo was 1 for 25 with a homer and 19 strikeouts.

19 Strikeouts for Joey Gallo in 25 at-bats in the major leagues in 2016.

“Obviously, not the experience Joey wanted,” Manager Jeff Banister said. “However, Joey is still a premium talent in the sense that this guy has what very few have in the game, the raw power that is off the charts.”

Banister said Gallo is still learning how major league pitchers are attacking him.

“It’s the hitting ability and consistency that needs to improve,” Banister said. “He’s going to get better. We believe he’s going to get better.”

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