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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

Rafters have been raised!!!


20161008_15583220161008_174159 IMG_20161007_104934What an amazing few days on the homestead. After what seemed like eons, we finally put up the rafters this week. It almost came to a screeching halt when my Dad was afraid that hurricane Matthew would bring them down, however, when the forecast tracked it out to sea, we decided to proceed.


My Dad has a friend and his son who offered to help with the rafters and that offer was too good to pass up. Dave and Jake were for sure the strength and brains behind the rafters and saying thank you is not nearly adequate. Lars and Gene also helped during the day and it could not be done without everyone’s assistance.


I had to work all day on Thursday so not being able to be there was so hard. When I went after work and saw the progress it was amazing. I am now on vacation for the next week so it is now full speed ahead.


Friday was spent putting in supports for the rafters on each end of the house. The day was also filled with many distractions so we did not accomplish as much as we wanted to. As much as Thursday was the ultimate high, Friday was what has been thus far the ultimate low.


In doing this project, I want to do absolutely as much as possible ourselves. So far, all the wood in the house has been from our property. Friday was the realization that due to regulations we can’t do the electrical part ourselves. My Dad has some experience in wiring a house, but for the power company to hook up power, it must be completed by a licensed electrician. It made me go back to rethinking if I could go off grid. Still doing bits of research on this one. If you haven’t realized yet, I’m pretty stubborn.


Saturday, after Amish donuts  – and if you live in Unity you know how delicious they are, we started in on boarding the roof. This terrifies me. The roof is a 12/12 pitch and that is steep. Luckily, today we only boarded about six feet up so we could stand on top of the first floor frame and reach everything with a ladder.


Two weeks ago, I learned how to use the circular saw. Today that really came in handy. In addition to putting some boards up myself, I would cut the boards the right length that my Dad needed them. I commented to him that I knew that he did not want to teach me how to use the power tools, but think about how much time that saved us today. He agreed. I also used the nail gun today, which I admit, can be a little intimidating.


The last two days have also been filled with visitors. We’ve seen Craig, Bill, my aunt Linda brought my grandparents, Mo and Dennis and Becky. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. I joked today that we were going to start putting visitors to work! Beware…..


The field that my house is in is lined with trees of brilliant color. I sure can’t wait to be living there! Hopefully the next week will be filled with continued progress. Our immediate goal is to get the roof done as soon as possible.



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