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Pumpkin becomes weapon of vandalism

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Halloween came a little early for one Spokane family but in a devastating way. A pumpkin turned into a weapon when it was suddenly thrown into the back of the couple’s car causing significant damage. It happened on the 9800 block of North Sundance Drive. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or in the car at the time.

“There’s just glass everywhere, it’s a mess, it’s a complete disaster,” said Spokane resident Michelle Borts.

Halloween won’t have any good memories attached to it. “My son who hates Halloween, is really hating Halloween now,” said Borts.

After coming back from a concert Thursday night, Borts made a horrifying discovery. Everything was pretty much broken in the car because a pumpkin came smashing through leaving behind a trail of dangerous glass shards. “In the back, they actually broke the wiper, the blade is actually missing part of it,” said Borts.

Borts doesn’t know who could have done it, she just moved to the neighborhood in June but whoever did it, she would like them to face consequences.

Borts looked around her neighborhood too and didn’t see this happen to anyone else. She thinks that this was a random act.

If you know anything, call police.

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