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Private investigator looks into tortured Spokane kittens

The person who tortured two kittens in North Spokane by strangling them with cords is still on the loose. Now, investigators with Guardians of Rescue, an animal advocacy group, are still searching for leads, and they’ve even hired a private investigator locally.

This case started in August, when Wesley O’Dell and his wife found a kitten wrapped in cords under a pair of shorts on the side of the road. Then a month later, another North Spokane man found a kitten tossed into his backyard with a sweatshirt, wrapped up tightly in cords too.

Now, Tom Stotts, private investigator with Strategic Intelligence Services, is on the case. This is actually a first for him.

“You think about the torture and what that animal went through and it’s sad. But it makes you really want to do whatever you can to locate the perpetrator,” he says.

He hopes to find any leads related to the sweatshirt, the shorts, and where the two kittens came from, and he hopes to find whoever’s responsible soon.

“I feel like that the person whoever did this may go on and escalate and potentially the next victim could be a human. So I think it’s really important to everybody that this person is stopped,” Stotts says.

Guardians of Rescue is offering a $2500 reward for information that leads to an arrest. If you know something, call SCRAPS or Stotts’ office at 509-230-6176

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