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Postal carrier beaten by 2 men with bat while delivering mail in Pa.

A U.S. Postal carrier was left moaning in pain following a violent attempted mugging in western Pennsylvania.

TribLive.com in Pittsburgh reports that two men with a baseball bat attacked the mail carrier along his mail route in Carnegie, Allegheny County, Pa., around 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

The two male suspects, who remain at large, demanded the mail carrier’s wallet and when he didn’t comply, the men smashed the driver-side window of his vehicle with an aluminum baseball bat, TribLive reports citing police.

In the process, the mail carrier was struck with the bat, as well. The name of the postal carrier was no immediately released by police.

TribLive quotes resident Ron Hatcher, who lives nearby, as saying he saw the carrier moaning in pain and holding his shoulder after the carrier says he was hit in the back with the bat. “He told me they wanted his wallet, but they didn’t get it.”

The investigation continues.

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