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Post Falls police blast kids in crafty clown masks on social media

Photo: PFPDPhoto: PFPD


Clowns have been grabbing headlines across the country and in our region of late,  Spokane Sheriff Knezovich recently warned adults with clown costumes to keep them in the closet. But the Post Falls police department is opting for a different approach.

Post Falls police took to social media to eloquently bash some kids who attempted to scare a couple of girls playing basketball Saturday night using a clown mask. In a post on the department’s Facebook page, Officer Knight took the potential creepy clowns to task, recounting the call they received overnight.

“In a garage somewhere deep within the city of Post Falls a devious plan was hatched. The juvenile masterminds put their best Martha Stewart foot forward and out of cardboard, pipe cleaners, spray paint, electrical tape and a red SOLO cup created a scary clown mask,” Officer Knight wrote.

He says the three kids hid in a bush to try to scare some girls playing basketball nearby.

“The girls, however, pointed out their lack of shrubbery coverage and overall idiocy,” Officer Knight reported. The girls were apparently in no mood for creepy clowns interrupting their game. 

“More frightening than the mask was the severe tongue lashing the would be intimidators received from the girls. They tucked their tails and fled so quickly that the scary clown masterpiece was left dangling from a twig.”

Officer Knight’s write-up of the call has been shared 62 times and had close to 400 reactions of Facebook since its posting.

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