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Police bust suspected chop shop

SPOKANE, Wash. -

A big victory this week for Spokane police and neighbors after cops bust a suspected chop shop. Police say the people involved, operated out of a home in North Spokane.    

A victim KHQ talked with on Friday says he was getting ready to sell his truck but then it got stolen. Rick Harter is the owner of Affordable Motors and he was able to get his stolen truck back after the bust but it was unrecognizable. “It looks like they chopped it in half. The front end is completely gone,” said Harter.  The truck is unfixable.

Police filed a search warrant for a home on the 5900 block of North Driscoll Boulevard. From the sidewalk, you can see a stripped motorcycle and a lot of other questionable items in the backyard. According to court documents, an officer who searched there where they found Harter’s truck, says he was shocked by the number of stolen cars, trucks and trailers. Inside, police say there was a glory wall of stolen license plates, a shotgun, and meth.

39-year-old Kenneth Westman is in jail in connection with the bust. He’s being charged on more than 10 counts including leading organized crime. We’re told there could be other arrests.

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