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Police arrest man charging at cars in Spokane neighborhood

SPOKANE, Wash. -

A man is in the Spokane County Jail after a frightening incident Monday afternoon. Witnesses say the man was charging at cars, trying to break into several homes, and at one point attacked an elderly woman in the area of Columbia and Stevens. Police eventually cornered him in a front yard.

The whole thing was caught on cellphone video. In the video you can see officers trying to calm the man down. The bystander who took the video told KHQ he tried to distract the man before police got there, because they were near a school. He says he was worried for the officers’ safety and it was hard to tell if the man was arms. He also told us that at one point the man lunged at the officers.

“They didn’t have any guns drawn and they didn’t know whether he had a gun or a knife on him, so they totally put themselves in danger. I felt they kind of went above and beyond what they should have,” said the witness. “They showed a lot of restraint and I was just really scared one of them was going to get hurt.”

The man said there were four kids inside the home where the man was arrested.

No injuries were reported and the man was booked into jail.

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