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Poland Spring truck loaded with water rolls in Carrabassett Valley

CARRABASSETT VALLEY – The driver of a loaded Poland Spring Water Co. tanker truck was injured when the truck he was driving rolled on to the driver’s side Thursday morning on Route 27.

Truck driver Robert Ruby, 43, of Sanford received minor injuries and was taken by a NorthStar EMS ambulance to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, officer Rick Billian said.

Police responded to the accident reported at about 5:01 a.m. near 3079 Carrabassett Drive, and found the truck on its side off the roadway. The truck that was loaded with about 8,000 gallons of water had been heading south toward Kingfield.

A passerby had helped Ruby out of the truck.

When the truck approached a left corner, it started to lose control, Billian said. The driver over-corrected and the weight shifted, which ultimately caused the vehicle to leave the roadway on its side, he said.

At this time it appears driver inattention and speed are factors, however, this crash is still under investigation, he said.

Most of the water spilled out and the remainder was pumped out by Carrabassett Valley Fire Department so the truck could be placed back on its wheels.

It is the second loaded Poland Spring truck that has rolled over on Route 27 since April. In that case, the driver told police that he had swerved to avoid another vehicle.

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