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Plan would replace project with towers

Exactly. While he solved the problems at this housing complex, he is ignorant on the ways of the Nei and high rise public housing.

From the link below, “Less than 20 years ago, Chicago stacked up poor people like cord-wood. Massive high-rise housing projects like Cabrini Green and the Taylor Homes were socially limiting and unsafe for the people who lived there, their dreams deferred. Chicago’s high-rise ghettos were the shame of the city, perpetuating and increasing racial and economic segregation. Ref: http://chicago.suntimes.com/opinion/editorial-cha-tears-down-walls-but-has-long-way-to-go/

High rise public housing will not work in the Nei for many reasons. Ouansafi fails to understand the Nei has a perfect track record for decades in willfully funding for and doing the required preventive maintenance on government facilities. The main reason why our roads and other infrastructure are in such sorry shape.

Ouansafi would have us believe the funding and maintenance work would all be done on time, on budget, on standard in public housing. Not going to happen. Within years of opening the elevators would be breaking down, water pipes leaking, doors broken, locks not working. The list of problems would be endless, stacked up like cord wood.

Ouansafi needs to understand the errors of his thinking. This is the Nei, not utopia. Keep what you have going and be thankful to have it. Just the way it is.

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