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PHOTOS: Massive lobster caught near Bermuda after Hurricane Nicole

The Monster Lobster (PHOTO: Facebook/Sanctuary Marine Bermuda)The Monster Lobster (PHOTO: Facebook/Sanctuary Marine Bermuda)



It happened in the Bermuda triangle. No, nothing disappeared. In fact, something very large appeared after Hurricane Nicole swept through the region: A 14-pound lobster. 

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda posted photos and video to Facebook of the massive lobster with the caption, “Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters.” 

The giant lobster was caught by accident with a hook and line while a charter boat was out fishing for snapper. After taking some photos of the mammoth, the lobster was safely released back into the ocean. The pictures have been shared thousands of times on Facebook. 

Lobsters typically grow to be about 3 feet or longer in length, according to the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute, and they can live up to 100 years. So to get all scientific about it and give you a frame of reference, the typical lobster would be like your average man, like Kevin Dillon from Entourage, and the lobster caught by Sanctuary Marine Bermuda would be like the late great Andre the Giant. 

That’s a big lobster. 

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