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Pet Pawlitics: Spokane Humane Society launches adoption campaign

SPOKANE, Wash. -

If you walk into the Spokane Humane Society, you’ll notice there are some pet politics going on. Instead of politics, however, it’s ‘pawlitics.’ Crews have t-shirts and posters made to ‘Make Mutts Great Again’ and ‘I’m with Fur.’

“We really just want to come up with a fun way to really help promote and focus on something that was very positive, like helping animals in need,” said Executive Director Dave Richardson.

The pawlitical puns are all part of a campaign to get more pets adopted. You can support a new ‘repuplican’ or a ‘democat’ every week. If you check out this website, https://www.pawlitics.net/ you can see which issues each pet is passionate about.

“We’ve established some pretty neat platforms, like legalizing cat nip and ‘sit happens,’ trying to show the importance of proper training,” said Richardson.

For the cats and dogs at the Spokane Humane Society, it’s a campaign to win your heart and secure their way into a  forever home

“We want people to leave the real politics out of this and just have fun and really learn and enjoy a little bit about responsible pet ownership,” said Richardson

The humane society is keeping track every week of whether the ‘repuplicans’ or ‘democat’s get the most votes online. Organizers said they’ll have an adoption deal based on who wins in four weeks.

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