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Penn State fan dismisses critics of JoePa tribute, saying "everybody has a right to their opinion"

Some people may be critical of Penn State’s decision to pay tribute to Joe Paterno’s 50th anniversary of his first game as head coach, but Joan Loretti is not one of them.

Loretti, of Scranton, was more than happy to break out her Joe Paterno memorabilia to decorate her tailgate for Saturday’s game in the Yellow Lot, a long walk away to Beaver Stadium.

“I just think the man has done so much,” said Loretti of Scranton. “He deserves to be recognized.”

The longtime season ticket holder who said she witnessed many of Paterno’s 409 wins over the years and believes his contributions to the university deserve to be noted.

To those who think it is wrong, Loretti said, “Everybody has their right to their opinion.”

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