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Parker County sheriff warns of phone scam reports

Several Parker County residents have reported being the victim of scams recently involving phone messages purporting to be from the Parker County Sheriff’s Department, a news release from the sheriff said Monday.

One complainant told police that a man identifying himself as “Parker County Lt. Riddle” called to say he had missed a grand jury appearance and owed a $500 fine. The caller told the victim to go to a Dollar General store and buy five $100 money cards. When the victim did, the caller had him scratch off the security stripes and read the numbers to him over the phone, the news release said.

The caller then told the victim to go back to the same store and buy five more cards. The victim did so, but this time a store employee warned him that he appeared to be the target of a scam, the news release said.

The victim told the caller he would go to the Sheriff’s Department and give the cards to a deputy. The caller said he would have a warrant waiting for him there and abruptly hung up, the release said.

The phone number the caller used was 817-357-6726.

The news release asks people to immediately report suspicious requests such as this and to always verify the caller’s identity and authenticity.

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