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Park-goers concerned after voyeurism scare


A disturbing situation happened in Spokane Valley where a local dad called deputies saying that someone was taking pictures of his daughter in a park bathroom. It happened at the Greenacres Park in Spokane Valley.

Court documents say that in just the span of about two hours, the victim came into the women’s bathroom two different times and noticed the same person was still in there. When she came into the bathroom a second time, she heard the click of a camera. “I mean, this is a place that we’ve always felt really safe so it is definitely concerning,” said Rebekah Johnson, a concerned Spokane Valley parent.

Court documents say a 17-year-old came inside the park bathroom twice and noticed the same black coat hanging up. She asked the person inside the stall if they were OK. She heard a voice similar to a female voice saying they were but as she used the bathroom, she soon found a black cellphone pointing at her. “I feel like it’s frightening just because it could be something other than taking a picture. It could be a lot worse,” said Johnson.

A deputy ended up finding a male inside the stall with a black cellphone, something that is unsettling to Johnson. “It is very concerning and it makes you think twice about letting your kids be a little more independent which is sad,” said Johnson.

Deputies are asking for parents to please have that conversation with your children, making sure that they use the buddy system anytime and anywhere. Adults should also do the same.

Park officials say they have maintenance crews that check parks constantly but they can’t always be there 24/7.

The man accused of the crime, Garry Davis, remains on a $50,000 bond.

KHQ tried reaching out to the victim and the father but did not hear back. Deputies say the victim actually did a great job telling her dad immediately, which sent deputies there to quickly arrest the 30-year-old man.

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