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Pair nabbed with heroin worth $580K, AG says

Two 32-year-old men are behind bars after being caught with 6 12 points of heroin worth about $580,000, the state attorney general’s office said Wednesday.

Angel Roa of Allentown and Hugo Lopez of Phoenix, Ariz., were arrested in by police in Allentown on Tuesday as the result of a probe by his office’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, AG Bruce Beemer said.

He said they were nabbed after agents, who had the two under surveillance, spotted them carrying a large black bag as they entered a furniture store in the 400 block of North 10th Street. A handgun and $3,700 in cash also were seized, agents said.

Both men are being held in the Lehigh County Jail in lieu of $350,000 bail on drug and conspiracy charges.

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