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Pacman Jones, Jerry Jones maintain special connection

ARLINGTON — Adam Jones continues to hold a special place in Jerry Jones’ heart.

The same holds true for Pacman.

The Cowboys owner/general manager was doing his pregame radio interview with sideline reporter Kristi Scales when the Bengals cornerback interrupted. Jerry Jones didn’t mind.

“Well, one of my favorites and one of the guys I’m proudest of,” he said. “Adam, say hello to all of our fans.”

The encounter quickly turned emotional.

“Thank you,” Adam Jones said. “I didn’t understand what he was telling me when I was here, but I sure understand the big picture afterwards. So, I’m just thankful for everything he did for me.”

The conversation turned to the Jerry Jones’ longtime personal secretary Marylyn Love.

“I can say she’s probably was the biggest part of this whole thing,” Adam Jones said. “And to this day she calls me at least once a week. Every week she calls me. There’s not been a week since I’ve left here that she hasn’t called me.

“The first person I saw when I got here was Marylyn. We broke down in tears. But I got a lot of respect for everything they did for me.”

Jerry Jones’ willingness to give “problem” players a second or even a third chance is well-chronicled. Adam Jones spent just the 2008 season with the Cowboys, and it was littered with off-the-field incidents before his release.

Even though it didn’t work out on the field, Jerry Jones holds no regrets.

“I want him to hear me say this,” he said. “He has bright light inside him, burning in him big. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in the NFL.

“But more importantly, the NFL today has him talk to all of the rookies that come into the NFL tell them about his experiences and how they can save themselves some pain if they listen to what he has to say. And, boy, I’m telling you. I’m proud of Adam Jones.”

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