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Overdose kits will save lives, benefit public

The current heron epidemic is a direct result of the reckless overpaying of opioid medications to artificially block pain. Doing this hampered the healing process, talked in more pain and suffering, as well as addiction to these drugs. The American Medical establishment let itself be mislead for a decade by Purdue Pharma propoganda, ignoring ample clinical and historical information about the public health impacts of these drugs. Few doctors understand our precious physiologic passion response, including “pain experts”, and how necessary it is for continuously keepsing our tissues healthy.

Now we are stuck with this public health crisis, except on top of vital hepatitis, we now have HIV as part of the constellation of devastating impacts from opioid addiction.

This is public health disaster and a tragic reflection of the ignorance of those currently in change of our health care “industry”.

BTW, a similar dynamic of misinformed, profit-driven leadership is driving the Medical Marijuana community, with exaggeration of benefits, downplaying of risks, and ‘snake oil” promotipn. Undoubtedly, Cannabis could be much much safer than Opioid drugs for long term use, but there are still significant health risks.

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