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Opening statements begin for Sandy, Perez murder trial

The trial for two Albuquerque police officers accused of killing James Boyd began Monday. Former detective Keith Sandy, and Officer Dominique Perez sat in the courtroom as the opening arguments begin.

Attorneys on both sides painted two very different pictures of who James Boyd was. Prosecutors tried to tug at the jury’s sympathy while defense attorneys described a violent man who was threatening to kill police.

There was never-before-seen audio and video from Perez’s helmet camera in court Monday.

Officer: “Take your hands out of your pockets.”
James Boyd: “I’m bulletproof. Somebody’s dying tonight and it ain’t going to be me.”

Defense attorneys Luis Robles and Sam Bregman both used that video to show the jury that Boyd was threatening Albuquerque police officers before they eventually shot and killed him.

James Boyd: “You waiting to get killed in the dark. I can see in the dark. I can live die and kill in the dark.”

Both defense attorneys showed the jury photos of the two knives they say Boyd refused to put down. They said it all came down to a split second decision when a K-9 officer moved in. Fearing for that officer’s life, attorneys say Sandy fired three times, Perez fired once.

Defense attorney Luis Robles: “He had to make a life or death decision in an instant. This is not murder.”

Defense attorney Sam Bregman: “Keith Sandy had one job, to protect his fellow canine officer.”

However, state prosecutor Randi McGinn said she’ll prove Boyd was no longer a threat when the officers opened fire.

State Prosecutor Randi McGinn: “For those of you wondering why it’s second-degree murder it was intentional, not an accident, not a mistake.”  

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