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One of three charged in deadly roadside robbery waives hearing, charges bound for Franklin County Court

One of the three charged in connection with luring a man out of his vehicle with a duffle bag in the road and shooting him outside of Mercersburg waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

Emily Tucker, 22, will now face formal arraignment in Franklin County Court.

She is facing charges of criminal homicide, conspiracy, robbery and theft and had been charged along with Ryan Horton and Christian Harris.

Police say they concocted a scheme to rob someone by placing a duffle bag in the road as bait — a scheme that turned deadly.

Both Tucker and Harris testified against Horton at his preliminary hearing in July, saying he was the one who pulled the trigger and ended the life of Edward Gilhart of Hancock, Maryland.

Gilhart was on his way to work in the early morning hours of June 2 when he spotted the duffle back near the intersection of Routes 16 and 456, pulled over, and was shot to death. 

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