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Oil spill contained in Millersburg: Dauphin County EMA

Cleanup is under way in Millersburg where an estimated 1,000 gallons of tooling oil spilled into a stream.

Millersburg Ferry 

Alvord-Polk Inc. reported a thousand-gallon spill into a small unnamed tributary of the Susquehanna River at 125 Gearhart Street, Millersburg, said Steve Libhart, Dauphin County director of public safety.

The spill has been successfully contained, Libhart said, through efforts from Millersburg and Halifax fire companies and Dauphin County’s hazardous material team.

John Repetz, DEP spokesman, said booms and pads prevented the oil from reaching the river.

Libhart said they are uncertain whether the spill began this morning or was occurring over the weekend. It was reported around 8 a.m. Monday.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the Department of Environmental Protection are continuing to investigate whether any of the oil reached the river, Libhart said. A DEP inspector is on site, Repetz said.

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