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Officers use doughnuts to move bear to Dauphin County

Using doughnuts, maple syrup and honey, park rangers in Delaware County trapped a black bear and relocated it to state game lands in Dauphin County Monday, according to a Delaware County Times report. 

The 3-year-old bear, which had lived in Ridley Creek State Park for several months, made headlines after it charged Radnor police Lt. Christopher Flanagan and forced two schools to lockdown in September, the report said.

Justin Ritter, a game commission officer, told the newspaper the bear, which weighs about 210 pounds, was moved from the residential area for its own safety, as it recently knocked over a resident’s bee hives. 

The game commission dropped the bear off at game lands 211s in Dauphin County because it offers an abundant amount of space among an existing bear population, said Cheryl Trewella, information and education supervisor for the commission’s southeast region. 

It’s also ideal, Trewella said, because “Dauphin Countyis far enough away that it should not come back to Philadelphia.” 

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