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Obama Hilariously Responds To Alex Jones' Claim Obama And Hillary Are Demons

Alex Jones went off the deep end earlier this week, casting President Obama and Hillary Clinton as demons with the smell of sulfur on them.

Is this where I offer the comment that Alex Jones has the stench of desperation on him? If so, consider it offered.

Watch President Obama respond to Jones, complete with visuals.

Yes, it’s funny. But President Obama went on to really get serious about this ridiculous need Republicans seem to have to demonize those they don’t agree with. He told rallygoers that it has been the last 8-10 years of intentional obstructionism that brought them to the point where Trump was their inevitable nominee.

Until that fever breaks, he said, Republicans will continue to contend. But no worries, because there’s a solution! Vote for Democrats up and down the ticket, get the Senate and the House back in Democrats’ hands, and then let’s make some things happen.

Of course, he’s a demon, so maybe not. (Kidding!)

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