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Newly repaired USS Fort Worth to test new technologies

After months of being docked in Singapore for repairs, the USS Fort Worth is returning to work and will be used to test new technologies, according to a Navy spokeswoman.

“The USS Fort Worth is a member of the littoral combat ship family of ships,” said Ensign Emily Judstra in an email. “This is the newest class of ship in our Navy and this hasn’t been fully tested and it’s capabilities are not fully known. Fort Worth herself is going to be used to try out new technologies. Currently, there is equipment being developed for anti-submarine and mine warfare that the Fort Worth will be one of the first ships to test.”

The USS Fort Worth returned to San Diego Oct. 7, nearly eight weeks after it left Singapore. The ship had been in Singapore since January for repairs. It was on deployment to Southeast Asia when its propulsion gears overheated.

On Friday, the Navy released its findings of an investigation regarding the damage. Stars and Stripes reported the damage was caused by lack of leadership, failure to comply with procedures and complacency. In March, the ship’s commander was relieved of duty as a result.

The propulsion gears overheated due to a misalignment of the lubricating oil system, the report said.

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