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New court docs released on Investigation into man murdered in front of daughter near Spangle

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Thursday afternoon Spokane County Sheriff’s detectives filed a search warrant seeking more information to help them solve the murder of Bob Tester, who is the nephew of Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester.

Tester was murdered sometime either late September 5th or early September 6th. His 8-year-old daughter was in the home when he was killed. She told investigators that the masked killer was armed with a sword and knife and came into her room first, telling her to stay put because he was about to murder her dad.

Just after 7am on September 6, the little girl called her grandmother to say her father had been murdered. Her grandmother then called 911. When Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies arrived they found the girl still in the home and quickly took her to safety. Then they went in and described a scene of horror. They said blood was all over the house, on the walls, the ceiling, the carpet, everywhere. They found Bob Tester himself in the living room. They said his body was mutilated, and they found a splitting maul next to his body with blood on it.

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Detectives said the home smelled like marijuana, and family said that Tester had been growing marijuana to sell to dispensaries in the area.

Detectives have been looking into the case for the last month, but say in court documents that there still isn’t a suspect in the murder. However, they are starting to fill in the details surrounding Tester’s life. They say Tester had been dating a 17-year-old girl who is not identified in court documents. Tester and his daughter had also been living with a roommate. According to court documents, that roommate developed what’s described as “an intimate relationship” with Tester’s girlfriend. That and other financial issues led to a fallout between the two men. Amid the constant arguments between the two men, court documents say Tester threatened his roommate with a splitting maul. Detectives believe this to be the same splitting maul that was used to murder Tester.

Court documents say five days before the murder, the roommate moved out of Tester’s home and vowed not to return. However, a couple days later he contacted Tester and said he needed to pick up his belongings. According to court documents, the roommate “made reference to bringing muscle with him.” During this time, the roommate also sold his car, according to court documents and was in contact with a woman named in court documents as someone who gave him a ride from time to time. 

The woman, court docs say, is a friend of Tester’s girlfriend. Detectives say that based on his cellphone records, the roommate was in contact with Tester’s girlfriend’s friend on both September 5th and 6th. When asked where she was on those days, court documents say the woman told them she was in the Silver Valley in Idaho. She said she did give someone a ride to Spokane Valley on September 5th but did not want to say who that person was and that that person would not remember getting a ride from her anyway.

Detectives filed a search warrant asking a judge for permission to search the digital media accounts of Tester. They believe his accounts may have information about “the victim and/or any parties that may have brought him harm”.

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