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NBC's Katy Tur On Trump: He Won’t Accept Losing

NBC’s Katy Tur told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that regardless of what Gov. Mike Pence says about the integrity of the election, Donald is “making it very clear that nothing, no outcome other than him winning is going to be acceptable to him.”

On MSNBC Live, Andrea Mitchell, Kristen Welker and Katy Tur were discussing where we are in the general election at his time.

Welker said the Clinton campaign is having surrogates stump in red states that are close like Arizona, in part because of the rigged election scheme by Donald Trump.

She said, “They’re still focused to get to 270, but they want to run up the margin, to have a convincing win so they can blunt this talk of a rigged system.”

Welker said, “Based on my conversations with Democrats and Republican officials, they’re really concerned about this talk [rigged], and Democrats are calls on republican leadership to be very forceful and denouncing it.”

Mitchell played a clip from Meet the Press where Gov. Mike Pence said he would accept the results of the election.

Andrea then said, “So, Katy Tur, there’s beginning to be speculation that Donald Trump is not going to go quietly into the night or back to a golf course, should he lose as all the polling seems to indicate as of this hour.”

Tur responded, “It’s more than speculation. It’s Donald Trump himself saying those words and tweeting them out. Governor Pence may say that the campaign is absolutely accept the outcome of the election, but that’s a lot different than saying every day on Twitter, that the election is rigged, and saying it at campaign rallies which is what Donald Trump is doing.”

She continued, “He’s making it very clear that nothing, no outcome other than him winning is going to be acceptable to him…”

Tur is correct. Trump is setting the stage to denounce the election results, even if he loses by five points.

And let’s remember, calling the election already rigged has been part of Trump’s campaign message for a very long time now, he’s just amplifying it more since we’re in the home stretch.

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And if he does do this, there will be a violent eruption across this country.

Armed insurrections, anybody?

Is this the price he’s willing to pay to create his own TV network with Steve Bannon?

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