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National TV crew visits Harrisburg this week to capture 'its rich history'

A national television crew from C-SPAN is headed to Harrisburg to record the city’s unique history and literary life as part of a tour featuring 24 cities across the country.

The crew will begin filming at various literary and historic sites in the capital city Monday and will spend four days interviewing local historians and non-fiction authors while conducting education and community outreach.

Officials from the city and C-SPAN plan to announce more details about the network’s effort to shine a national spotlight on Harrisburg during a news conference at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Local segments recorded this week will air on BookTV (C-SPAN2, Comcast channel 104) and American History TV (C-SPAN3, Comcast channel 105) throughout C-SPAN’s special Harrisburg weekend, Jan. 21-22.

One other city in Pennsylania was included on this year’s tour: Pittsburgh. Other cities that will be filmed this season include Nashville, Tenn., Santa Barbara, Calif., Provo Utah, Port Huron, Mich., Cleveland, Ohio and Pueblo, Colo.

Harrisburg was picked because of its “rich history” and status as the state capital, said Debbie Lamb, of C-SPAN.

“We’ve chosen cities that are rich with history and have interesting local literary communities, but not often featured on the national scene,” she said. “With our visit to each, we hope to bring a little of their heritage to our nationwide audience.”

The visiting crews will use specially-outfitted Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) that are equipped to shoot and produce on location, Lamb said.

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