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Morning Joe Declares Giuliani's Career Over

It would be sad if it wasn’t in the service of Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani is mentally unhinged, and even Joe Scarborough can’t cover for him.

Giuliani told a Trump crowd yesterday that he never saw Hillary Clinton on 9/11. Of course, Rudy Giuliani wasn’t at Ground Zero that day, either. And it took Twitter negative seconds to find the day-after picture of Hillary and Rudy walking side-by-side through the damaged streets surrounding the World Trade Center.

Rudy has since apologized, but it’s too late for Morning Joe:

“I just don’t understand some of these statements,” Scarborough said. “Is he okay? And I say that seriously. Is the guy okay? Did he forget what he said a couple of months ago? I don’t understand how people say things like that.”

Scarborough mourned the loss of “the important legacy he had in this city.”

I really can’t say it better than Aisha Tyler:

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