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More power trucks arrive in North Carolina to aid in restoration


Hundreds of extra bucket trucks from power companies all over the country arrived in Raleigh Sunday night to aid in restoration efforts. Trucks from Indiana, New Hampshire, and even Canada were the first in line to help.

A receiving area was staged at Walnut Creek Amphitheater for crews. There, they were able to eat and visit before heading to hotels to rest. Once in the field, crews will work 14 to 16-hour days to aid in recovery.

Duke Energy spokesperson, Tom Williams says more help is on the way.

“We have another 6000 coming in from off system, from states all over the Eastern U.S.,” he said.

Most of the crews will stay in area hotels, and will likely stay in eastern North Carolina for as long as it takes to repair the lines.

“We are dealing with rising waters and in many cases the water still hasn’t crested. It’s causing issues with our equipment, certainly causing issues in people’s homes. You have hook up issues where you can’t restore power to a home that may still be underwater, so lots of considerations to deal with,” Williams explained.

Despite the issues, crews have restored power to more than 660,000 homes in North and South Carolina. That’s a number North Carolina Duke Energy President, David Fountain, is happy with.

“I am very pleased with the progress we have made so far. We have over 5600 field workers currently and we expect to have additional resources coming in tomorrow, and we are going to double the amount of system resources again on Tuesday and so we expect to continue to make headway,” he said.

In order to make sure all power is restored it is important to report your outage. You can do that by calling Duke Energy Carolinas at 1-800-769-3766 or text the word OUT to 57801.

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