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Mike's Blog Round Up

Alright, that’s it for me this week. And what an awful, horrible week, at least when it comes to the state of American democracy, the future of the American republic, and all those both in the U.S. and abroad who will suffer at the hands of this new American fascism, not to mention the planet itself.

And I’m sorry if the round-up has been bleak, but I just can’t think of much reason to be upbeat. I just hope that there is firm opposition and resistance. This is beyond mere partisanship. I do want the Democrats to rebound, of course, but I hope that every American who believes in the hope and promise of America as an enlightened, progressive nation rises up to effect real and permanent change. Those of us around the world who believe the same must do so as well. As I have been saying all week, be strong and fight back. Do not allow this fascism to take hold.

We Move to Canada: The American people are suffering.

Billablog: Not all Trump voters are racists.

Wisdom of the West: America is a moral morass.

Echidne of the Snakes: Promises are quickly forgotten.

Round-up by Michael J.W. Stickings of The Reaction. (Twitter: @mjwstickings.)

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