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Mifflintown man kidnapped boy at knifepoint: Report

A Mifflintown man was arrested after police said he kidnapped a 12-year-old boy from his home at knifepoint and abandoned him in Montoursville Tuesday, according to a CBS21 report. 

Police said the victim’s family told investigators Julio Luna-Contreras was a family friend who previously told them “he wanted [the victim] for himself and was attracted to him,” the report said. 

Luna-Contreras was at the family’s home in Walker Township hours before the kidnapping took place, according to charging documents filed in the case. 

Luna-Contreras told police that when he went to his home in Mifflintown, he took his roommate’s car keys and drove back to the family’s home. That’s when he climbed through an open window and entered the home, according to the report. 

The suspect told police after he went in the home, he woke the boy, put a knife to his throat and told him that if he did not go with him, he would kill him, police said, adding that Luna-Contreras said he told the victim that as a joke. 

Luna-Contreras put the victim in his roommate’s Jeep, took him to his home and placed him in another vehicle, according to the report. 

He then drove with the boy more than 90 minutes to Montoursville, where they pulled into a mall parking lot, but left due to a truck unloading nearby.

They then went to a Sheetz gas station, where they had a cup of coffee and the victim allegedly told Luna-Contreras to “just drop him off and he would call his mom,” the report said.

Luna-Contreras dropped the boy off at a hospital and left the scene, throwing a mask and knife out of the window while en route to his home, police said.

Luna-Contreras maintained the situation was a joke and the boy wanted to go with him during an interview with police, according to the report. 

The victim and his family told police Luna-Contreras forced him to leave. 

Luna-Contreras is being held without bail and is charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, false imprisonment of a minor, theft by unlawful taking, interference with the custody of children, simple assault, terroristic threats, lure child into motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and burglary. 

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