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Meet ‘Baby Trump,’ the Donald lookalike whose hair is making him famous

There’s something about little Hunter Tirpak of Pennsylvania that looks oh so familiar.

The steely gaze? No.

The chubby cheeks? No.

That huge sweep of blond hair on his head? Yep.

Meet “Baby Trump.”

Hunter’s mom, Jessica Tirpak, took her 2-year-old Trump lookalike son to a rally in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pa., in April to show off how much he looks like the candidate.

She put him in dress slacks, a shirt and tie and vest. He worked the crowd, doling out high-fives and posing for photos.

“He was like a politician,” Tirpak told WBRE in Wilkes-Barre.

But it’s Hunter’s hair that has earned him doppelganger fame.

“He definitely has crazy hair to begin with, so we worked with that, some hairspray, tease it,” said his mom.

She hoped to catch the eye of Trump’s campaign folks at the rally but didn’t. She still holds out hope, though, because Hunter’s pictures are floating around the Internet now with his new nickname, “Baby Trump.”

“This election … is really negative,” she said, according to NBC New York. “There’s a lot of negative things on TV, a lot of negative things on social media, which is my reason for putting Baby Trump out there.”


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