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Massive training exercise planned in November for North Texas

One of the most massive training exercises in Texas is returning to North Texas to test the skills of first responders.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments and dozens of other federal, state and local agencies have scheduled Big X 2016 for Nov. 11-13 at numerous locations in North Texas.

The event is a followup to the Urban Shield exercise held in 2013.

Officials say the three-day event will be a way for first responders to exercise their tactical skills, response capabilities and coordinate operations.

Area teams that will participate include special weapon and tactics (SWAT); urban search and rescue (USAR); emergency management, public health, hazardous material response (HazMat); explosive ordnance disposal (EOD); interoperable communications, community emergency response team (CERT) and wildland fire.

Officials will evaluate and identify areas for improvement, such as in communications, planning, training and equipment.

Here are some estimated numbers for the three-day event:

  • 44 total scenarios
  • 36 estimated venues throughout North Texas
  • 21 SWAT teams
  • 17 area emergency management departments
  • 15 CERT teams
  • 12 USAR teams
  • 11 EOD groups
  • 10 HazMat teams
  • 8 North Texas fire departments
  • 3 area hospitals

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