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Maine mussels and clams recalled after neurotoxin found

JONESPORT, Maine — The state is recalling recent mussel and clam harvests, after they tested positive for a marine neurotoxin, that can cause brain damage and even death.

This recall applies to mussels and mahogany quahogs harvested or wet-stored in the Jonesport area and clams harvested from Cranberry Point in Corea to Cow Point in Roque Bluffs, which is virtually all of Downeast Maine.

The Department of Marine Resources says the recall is working.

“All of our dealers have been extremely cooperative. They’ve been fulfilling their obligation through this recall process. We’re confident that we’ve removed the impacted shellfish from the supply chain,” says Jeff Nichols, Department of Marine Resources.

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The recalled shellfish were harvested from Sept. 25th through Sept. 30th.

The state tested samples and told shellfish dealers to dispose of the affected shellfish.


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