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Lives remain on hold as flooding grips Kinston


In many parts of Eastern North Carolina, water has receded and life has begun to somewhat return to normal after the flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

But in Kinston, that process may be days away.

Officials estimate the Neuse River in Kinston may not return to normal levels until at least Wednesday.

And even then, it might take some residents several days to a week to be allowed back to their homes.

There remain many streets right now inundated with water, and major roadways like US 70 and 259 are still closed.

The National Guard is out blocking roads and directing traffic.

FEMA is on the ground working to fulfill needs at area shelters, where 200 people are staying at facilities open right now.

Some people stopped by homes Monday to check on the damage.

Marion Jones, 86, went by to assess the damage on his daughter’s home.

“She’s going to have to make some improvements somewhere and try another place,” Jones said. “Because she can’t live here. Mom won’t allow her to live here no more.”

Lenoir County officials are working to find temporary homes for people. Hotel rooms and mobile homes are some of the options.

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