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Letters from state violate federal law

Here we go again. Feds find another state agency is utterly incompetent, lacking in professional management, willfully failing to do its job to standard. Why is this not news in the Nei?

HPD hides crime data to look good even though mainland PDs publish it. Feds slam HART/Kirky Boy for willful financial incompetence with rail.

Now we add DHS willfully sending out bullying, illegal letters for years. Clearly those responsible at DHS need to be fired and competent people brought in. Problem is finding competent managers in the Nei is an almost impossible job. Way too many weak of mind, lazy people. Remember how government workers/managers for years, watched Hulu & Netflix on state computers. An illegal use of state property and funding. No one did anything until exposed in the news.

Ahhhhh just another day in the little 10th world of Hawaii Nei.

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