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Khizr Khan And His Son's Fellow Soldier Respond To Trump

In an emotional segment on The Last Word on Monday, Gold Star father Khizr Khan reacted to Donald Trump’s debate statement that Khan’s son “would be alive” if Trump was President.

Khan appeared on The Last Word with Joshua Manning, a veteran who served in Iraq with Khan’s son at the time of his death.

“Before I say anything, I want to salute the bravery of Josh Manning, and young men and women who have served this country, and have given their life, and have sacrificed their in defense of this country.”

Josh Manning looked near tears as Khan spoke.

“The comments from Donald Trump were so disingenuous. Like before, he continues to use sacrifices of our young men and women for political expediency, and I reject it, and rest of the veterans and the people that serve this country reject this political expediency.”

Josh Manning said he was furious with Trump and that Trump’s comments “were the most callous thing to say.”

“That’s just an awful thing to say.”

Lawrence asked Manning about the heroism that was displayed the day Capt. Khan died.

It’s hard to watch Mr. Khan’s face as the story is retold. I’m not sure I would have exposed a Gold Star father to that on camera. Mr. Khan and Josh Manning showed great emotional strength during the segment, and it appeared they were honored to appear together.

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