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Ken Bone becomes joyous topic on late night shows during divisive election

Along with numerous media appearances and stories about him, Ken Bone has been the subject of late night comedy shows and has become a star on Twitter.

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, said he loved Ken Bone. During the segment, the Noah even teased Hillary Clinton would dress like Bone during the third debate in order to gain in popularity.

Fellow Comedy Central Show At Midnight, a show about trending topics on the Internet, devoted a segment of its Monday episode to Bone.

“I love you Ken Bone, the Internet loves you,” said host Chris Hardwick. “You taught us to be earnest again. We thought it would be appropriate to devote our entire segment to Ken Bone. So welcome to the Bone Zone.”

Harwick then went on to ask Bone to appear on the show.

“You are the antidote to modern American politics, we need you right now,” Hardwick said.

The show also used its signature game “Hash Tag Wars” to talk about “Ken Bone Facts.”

Among those joke facts was “Ken Bone’s sweater isn’t red, it just blushes when he wears it,” from comedian Kurt Braunohler.

Bone himself joined in the fun and supplied his own fact.

Bone also was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, who promised to send Bone a digital camera and a new suit.

Kimmel asked Bone if he knew his fans were calling themselves “Boneheads?”

“That’s fantastic. I’ve been calling my family that for years,” a joke Bone said that showed his sense of humor and received laughs from the audience.

Bone also was asked about his “fresh and cool style.”

“I think the short answer is my wife dresses me, like all great Americans,” Bone said.

Bone, and his mustache have been nominated for an award.

The American Mustache Institute has nominated Bone for its 2016-17 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award.

Among the other finalists people could vote for are Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor of the New York Times, and John Stossel a longtime broadcast journalists.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert even had some jokes about Bone on an online commentary of Sunday’s divisive debate.

“Just when it looked like there would be no uplifting moments, a hero rose from the ashes,” said Colbert, before singing a short song about the internet sensation.

The Bone reference begins about four minutes into Colbert’s monologue.

Even rapper Snoop Dogg had a shout out to the Shiloh resident.

All of the media requests require lots of coordination. Bone’s wife, Heather, even tweeted out a photo Ken trying to coordinate all of his appearances, while at the kitchen table.

Reporters even yelled out at Clinton about whether she has secured Bone’s vote.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Peter Alexander, Bone said he felt bad for America’s last sweetheart.

“It’s a hard day when you’re replaced by me,” Bone said.

The clothing line IZOD joined the fun, saying people could wear the “Town Hall” look.

Bone also made an appearance on Fox and Friends, and disclosed he bought the sweater at a Kohl’s in Wisconsin.

Between a few interviews, Bone did take off the sweater.

And some posts on Twitter were calling for a Harembe-Bone presidential ticket, referring to a Gorilla killed at the Cincinatti Zoo earlier this year in order to protect a 3-year-old boy. The killing drew outrage from many people.

Hopefully by Oct. 29, Bone’s appearances will have calmed down. He has dinner planned with his grandmother.

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