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Kellyanne Conway: Trump Charges False Because He Denies Them And His Wife Agrees

As I always say, I hope Kellyanne Conway is being paid up front for her services.

And all of us at Crooks and Liars deserve combat pay for watching her cable news segments. This woman is a machine gun of obfuscation.

As a kindness to our readers, I clipped less than a minute of her interview this morning with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. It’s classic Kellyanne, and her reasoning is mind-blowing.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Donald Trump just faced a whole week of unfounded accusations having to defend against him where he says they’re fabrication and lies and yet we have evidence in front of us.

STEPHANIE RUHLE: Hold on. Unfounded — unfounded claims of women who are saying, “Yes, the things that Donald Trump said on a tape he actually did.” So how is that unfounded? :

CONWAY: Well, he has denied it. his wife agreed with him. You saw her all over the news.

RUHLE: Hold on. his wife agrees with the fact that he didn’t cheat on her? That’s crazy.

CONWAY: No. first of all, most of these allegations occurred before that. But the fact is that if you see the evidence, I’m talking about Wikileaks…

Aaaand we’re off to the races.

Trump is innocent because the Trumps say so. Clinton is guilty because Trump says so. And don’t forget, MOST of the allegations occurred before he married Melania. But Wikileaks!

And we’re out of time thank you Kellyanne.

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