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Kelly Raven and Lowell Thompson

Kelly Raven

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Music found under blue collars. Kelly Ravin is a musician hailing from the Green Mountain State of Vermont. He writes songs about real life. Kelly’s latest album, “Leathered, Weathered, Worn, and Wiser,” was recorded live in a tattoo shop in Belfast, ME with shotgun shell mics, and a room full of friends and family. Scratchy vocals and gritty guitars seem to explain it all. So now, the vans packed, the road is clear, and there isn’t an end in sight.

Lowell Thompson

These songs are pure pop, charging along with crashing choruses, guitar countermelody, and surprise changes (spoiler alert: the solo acoustic opener doesn’t stay solo or acoustic). They zig-zag away from pigeonhole – the plaintive singer-songwriter tune becomes a caveman-rhythm dirge before taking a honky-tonk turn.

Lowell’s secure voice moves seamlessly between spitty indictment (Rose Petals), moody defenselessness (Sunday Morning), and breathless rave-up (Honey It’s True). He merges styles without drawing attention to his clever arrangements.

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