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Kania's best friend describes fight before fatal crash


The best friend of a former UNC-Chapel Hill student accused of killing three people in a wrong-way drunk driving crash in 2015 took to the stand Friday, describing the fight they had before the fatal wreck.

The state called Chandler Kania’s best friend and fraternity brother Case Aldridge to the stand Friday morning. The state has been working up to this moment for the last two days in court – Kania and Aldridge reportedly had an argument the night of the crash.

Kania is facing three counts of second-degree murder and reckless driving charges in connection with the fatal July 2015 wreck.

“Chandler said something that I felt like wouldn’t normally come out of his mouth, and it shocked me enough to where I just stopped walking.” Aldridge explained on the stand. “And I was stunned for a minute, and then I walked away.”

Aldridge testified Kania had been texting him throughout the day, urging him to get back together with Aldridge’s ex-girlfriend.

That young woman, and fellow UNC student Rebecca Greene already testified earlier this week. She told the court that she and Kania agreed to help each other get back together with their respective exes.

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Aldridge said he didn’t want to get back together with Greene, and he ended up getting into a cursing match with Kania outside of a bar in Chapel Hill. That argument happened just before Kania went to his jeep at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house just off UNC’s campus and drove drunk the wrong way down I-85.

Darlene McGee, 46, of Charlotte, her friend Felecia Harris, 49, of Charlotte, and Harris’ granddaughter Jahnice Beard, 6, of Brooklyn, New York, were traveling home when their vehicle collided with a Jeep driven by Kania. They were killed in the crash. Harris’ daughter, Jahnia King, 9, was also seriously hurt in the crash.

The state has been working to prove Kania acted with malice. His argument with Aldridge is pivotal to the state’s case.

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